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We think that we have a duty to satisfy all our customer. We need to make all their international business easier with logistic facilitate service, foreign purchase or international sale service facilitate and Africa business opportunities care.


Who We Are

Business being the basic of any negotiation, sharing of interests aimed at satisfying the stakeholders, we thought about your facilitation of all types of business aimed at expansion in Africa. This platform is full of business facilitation services. We are at the disposal of any solicitation of business related to Africa in case the DRC. We accompany all investment projects, play the facilitator of the supply and demand on the international scale. We also focus on agri-business with CAM / Congo Agri-Modern


How Do We Deal

We don't keep any stock. We are in confidence with the quality of our goods and services. We can arrange for sample in case it's needed, but customer should pay for sample and we ship it in free cost till your address mentioned.
We deal with suppliers, manufacturers in: India, China, Jupon, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Canada, France, DRC and so on…we play intermediary between manufacturer or suppliers and consumers. We look forward the demand related to the market, specific use etc. Then satisfy with our competitive offer.
We make your problems smaller with our services of business Assistant: We arrange all your orders and ship it till your address.


Become A Partner

Here we can guide you to extend your business in Africa, especially in DRC. In case of set up your enterprise, or being your distributor or Marketer.
We show lot of opportunities according to your business and so on and assist you in documentation and whatever is required to government.
We give opportunities to young peoples who want to start business with our Marketing Strategy. So that they can join us and start by being one of our branch in their area.

Your Advantage

• Fast business ruining

• International order

• Make your business in Africa

• Set up marketing branch with BIB Groups

If you have any querry for related investment ... We are available

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