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Facilitation Services

We do have lot of facilitation such as in logistic: we provide all the logistic services that you need for your product. We arrange the product for you till your delivery address or till the last port that we call CIF.
We care about your profit margin so, we do provide very reasonable rate for your quotation then ship it till your address mentioned. In that way, you can save your indirect expensive such as ticket, hotel reservation.
We provide a very competitive prices to our customers. We don’t charge much with transport and product sale, so that customer can earn a good margin profit in business.


Africa Investment

Now in world, Africa is the most targeted area of business opportunities…it’s considered as a new land of business because of a great potential resource in term of land, the natural resource, and the lack of very competitive manufacturing companies and so on… Africa has a lot of consumer market that use to consume in most of the time the product imported from stranger such as Shina, India even Europa and America and Brasilia … Why not to show you also the large opportunity to extend your business in this amazing new land, and the new market of business?
We also lead you to get in touch with some private or public enterprises that can match with your type of business…you have the facilitate to fill the form that help to know your need and to categorize your business so that we can help you to set up your business in Africa by the help of government or private enterprise…we will be always glad to hear for you and to help you.
DEAL WITH Distributor: We can become your representative and launch your services or product in Africa started by DRC. We will manage the transport and the promotion of your goods. Click here to know more and fill the form become our partner.
Become our Marketer: We think that the best way to make good result in work or in whatever that you’re doing in life is to do with other. So, please join us and together let make the world great. Find your opportunities and start your promotion


Purchase Facilitate

We deal with suppliers, manufacturers in India, China, Jupon, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Canada, France, DRC and so on…we play intermediary between manufacturer or suppliers and consumers. We look forward the demand related to the market, specific use etc. Then satisfy with our competitive offer.
We make your problems smaller with our services of business Assistant: We arrange all your orders and ship it till your address.


• ELECTRONIC – We help you to get good price electronic goods from India, China and Thailand etc.
• GARMENT – We understand the garment industry through Africa. Just let us know your need we can deliver all kinds of cloths and accessories.
• Architectural Product – We supply all range of Industrial and architectural products. From buying to delivery to your doorstep.
• Sporting Goods. – To stay healthy in life we have to make a habit of any sport. For sporting goods manufacturing to delivery. We deals in all kinds of Sporting Goods.
• Special products and services required for your business ( hospital), Farm


Digital Marketing

Innovative Experiences for Forward-Thinking Brands.

We have a production unit capable of adapting to continuous change. We are a multidisciplinary team, innovation focused, made of highly creative personalities, driven by the desire to build valuable and meaningful experiences.


Strategic planning
Social media marketing
Digital content
B.I. (business intelligence)
Digital & social audit
Media planning & buying

Digital Innovation

Web Sites developments
Mobile sites, apps & games
Interface & UX design
Responsive design / development
Brand & marketing activation
Interactive installations

Business Assistant

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